About the Christian Statesman

The Christian Statesman is committed to Christian reconstruction and a biblical approach to civics, economics, and history. Jesus Christ is king over every sphere of life, not just the church. The statesman is required to submit to Jesus Christ just as much as the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker. As James Henry Thornwell said, “Every legislator is bound to be a Christian.”

We interact with a variety of topics ranging from theology to current events. This is done through blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, outreach, and in-person speaking engagements. If you would like us to teach on a specific subject, please contact us.


Chris Hume holds the MA degree in Literature from Clarks Summit University and the MBA degree from Wesley College. His undergraduate degree is in history. He is an Air Force veteran and currently resides in Delaware, where he teaches high school history, civics, and economics. Chris also blogs at ReformedHope.com.

AJ Slater earned the BA degree in History from Columbia College of Missouri. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business owner. He enjoys creating music and travelling to Middle Earth (aka New Zealand).

Jeremey Ashe is a connoisseur of barbecue and an erstwhile resident of California. He now resides in Delaware and works as a professional biologist. He earned the MS degree in General Biology from California State University, Chico.

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